2014 a record year for Bible translation

With estimated total sales of over 5 billion copies, the Bible is widely considered to be the best selling book of all time, has estimated annual sales of 100 million copies,and has been a major influence on literature and history, especially in the West where it was the first mass-printed book.

Your open-hearted support for Bible Society’s 100 Bibles in 1000 days campaign has helped to realise what is believed to be a record for the number of new Scripture editions published in one year. The campaign was a major contributor to this output, accounting for 21 of the new Bibles published last year by United Bible Societies, 14 of which were first Bibles. In total, translations were completed in 51 languages with the potential to reach more than 1.346 billion people – 1.2 billion Chinese speakers and 146 million speakers of other languages.

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