Your Stress is Harming Your Spiritual Life

In a recent article at Relevant Magazine, writer Andrea Lucado addressed the issue of stress and how to deal with it. If you’re like most people, being an adult means never going back to the carefree days of childhood. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to have peace as you face bills, deadlines, difficult relationships, and other pressures. In fact, if you don’t learn how to have peace through the storms, you’re damaging yourself both physically and spiritually, argues Lucado.

Lucado defines stress as “feeling worried about things that aren’t going your way presently, didn’t go your way in the past, or might not go your way in the future.” She confesses to having gone periods of dealing poorly with all three worries at once and describes what she learned from it: “When we forget the character of God, the troubles in our minds escalate quickly. But when we remind ourselves of who God is — He is good (Exodus 34:6), He is just (Nehemiah 9:32), He is merciful (Hebrews 4:16) — the pressure to solve our own issues and take care of our own stress is off.”

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