Dead Comes Back to Life as Mother Prays

A Missouri teen who fell through ice on Lake Sainte Louise and was clinically dead for 45 minutes has miraculously came back to life after his mother said a fervent prayer.

According to Christian News Network, John Smith, 14, was playing on the lake with two friends when all three fell through the ice. One boy made it out of the water and another boy held to a piece of ice, but it took rescuers 15 minutes to find Smith. By the time Smith arrived at a local hospital, he had been clinically dead for 45 minutes and had received 30 minutes of CPR. When Dr. Ken Sutterer informed Smith’s mother, Joyce Smith, of the grim news, she started praying.

“I don’t remember what all I said,” Joyce Smith told a local news station afterward. “But I remember, ‘Holy God, please send your Holy Spirit to save my son. I want my son, please save him.’”

Immediately after Smith’s prayer, her son started showing signs of life.

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